El examen Anglia MASTERS  es el nivel C2 en el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia y una calificación de Aim Awards Level 3 en el National Qualification Framework del Reino Unido. También se puede otorgar un C1 de este examen si no se logra un C2.

¿Qué prueba First Step?

El estudiante puede manipular con confianza el idioma y usarlo para cualquier estudio o propósito profesional. Evidencia de vocabulario muy amplio y un excelente control de las estructuras y la organización del lenguaje.
Control total de la colocación. de estilo, idioma, inferencia. Diferenciación matizada de variedad y tono

¿Qué debe hacer el candidato en el examen MASTERS?

una composición académica formal
mensajes formales e informales
un resumen
Preguntas de respuestas múltiples
Definición / sustitución
Transformación de oración
Tomar nota

Indicadores de desempeño

El estudiante

tomar notas mientras escucha la información dada a un ritmo normal y luego usar esas notas para una tarea específica
tomar notas de un texto extenso sobre cualquier tema y usar esas notas para argumentar un caso en un texto escrito claro y organizado
mostrar comprensión de una variedad de textos de forma detallada y global
entender y producir lenguaje en una variedad de estilos y modismos

Ejemplo de composición de estructura del examen MASTERS de Anglia

Use your own ideas, look through the notes and write a structured composition of between 330 & 400 words.
Circuses are outdated and there is no place for them in the world of entertainment nowadays.
Animal cruelty
Clowns, acrobats and entertainers
Public demand and opinion
Family entertainment
Traditional circuses
Modern circuses
Increased technology
You may use rough notes and they will not be marked by the examiner.

An example

The circus, great entertainment or an outdated business?
Nearly everyone has been to one at some point in their life and all children, except those afraid of clowns, seem to love them. But in this modern world of internet, computers and television, isn’t the circus slowly becoming a little out of date?
One of the circus’ main attractions is definitely the animals, when you visit a circus you’ll be able to see all sorts of exotic animals performing all kinds of spectacular tricks. But in these modern times you’ll be confronted with all sorts of moral issues about those very animals, with entire organisations criticising the circus because of the way the animals are treated there. Some circuses try to go with the public opinion and perform shows without animals, but most if the time this results in less attendances and thus, less revenue.
I personally think it is okay to use animals in the circus, though the living conditions of the animals should undergo some big improvements. Sure, if you want to see some wild animals you could just switch the telly on and watch some Animal planet, but to actually see the animals for real is an entirely different experience, which we should not withhold from future generations.
But, because of what they see on television and on the internet, these days people are less and less easily amazed. So the circus has to become more spectacular and even more wild. In other words, modern times call for modern circuses. The human part of the performance becomes almost extreme, just for the sake of entertaining the audience. The public demand for circuses might be shrinking, but what’s left of it wants to enjoy some extreme shows and is probably willing to pay more money for it. All in all the circus is still a very popular form of family entertainment and always will be, because, in my opinion, the circus is something that’s simply timeless. And despite the increasing negative public opinion on circuses, I highly doubt that the demand for them will ever cease.